Three weeks before my grandmother passing I was sitting on the bed with her when she said??My boy, always make sure that you create exceptional memories when you are young, because when you are as old as I am you find yourself constantly living in the past??

It is with these wise words in mind and a heart full of gratitude that I find myself blessed to have reached this exceptional milestone?. the Bert Smith Incorporated 20 Year Anniversary.

What an adventure this has been. I am truly blessed to have shared this adventure with an exceptional team who I believe to be the best in the business.

Thank you to each and all for your unrivalled commitment, your dedication and hard work without which this firm would not be what it is today.

To our clients I wish to extend a warm thank you for your support over the years and for having given us the opportunity to have shared your life?s journey with you.

Bert Smith

2016 Bert Smith Incorporated