Experts in residential and commercial conveyancing transactions

At Bert Smith Inc. we deliver specialist conveyancing services to our extended national and international client base. We have the expertise to advise on all conveyancing related issues.

We handle transfer of properties from seller to buyer. We register bonds and partner with buyers and banks to facilitate the granting of home loans. We also work with banks on cancellation of sellers’ home loans or cancelling sellers’ bonds.

The conveyancing process involves ensuring that you, as a buyer, get your new property registered in your name at the Deeds Registry Office, in other words, that you obtain secure title to your property.

We assist with the transfer of both residential and commercial properties, as well as freehold and sectional title developments. Our expert attorneys are always available to consult on these matters and assist with drafting the necessary agreements.

Leading conveyancing attorneys

What makes us leaders in this area of property law? It’s simple! We have been doing it for over two decades and our knowledge of conveyancing comes from years of successful transfers. We can attend to the transfer of immovable properties anywhere in South Africa

We come to you

We understand you are busy and it’s often a challenge to make the time to get to our offices to sign documents. That’s why we can come to meet you at your home or work premises.

Weekly reports

Our paralegals write weekly reports which are sent to all parties. These reports systematically outline the progress we are making with comprehensive yet easy-to-understand notes.

Property due diligence procedures:

  • Do the deeds office searches
  • Investigate for caveats and/or interdicts
  • Obtain information copies of title deeds
  • Obtain copies of sectional title plans, body corporate rules, financials
  • Obtain copies of building plans from the local authority
  • Do the drawing of Special and General Powers of Attorney
  • Advise on resolving rates/billing issues
  • Provide 90-day notice to the banks pursuant for the National Credit Act on behalf of sellers in respect of the anticipated cancellation of mortgage bond
  • Draft complex annexures/special conditions clauses for insertion into agreements

“My philosophy is that we run a relationship-driven business. If you look after your relationships, success will follow.”


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